Nursing Informatics Explained

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Nursing Informatics

A nursing supervisor with experience as a trauma and ICU nurse, Jeremy Bilbrey is currently pursuing a degree in business information systems at Chadron State College in Nebraska. Looking forward, Jeremy Bilbrey hopes to work in nursing informatics, a multifaceted field incorporating analytical science and health care.

At its core, nursing informatics involves the use of information technology and data processing to optimize the efficiency of nursing care. Although nursing informatics professionals must have a working knowledge of data science, they must also be able to communicate effectively with nurses, physicians, and other members of the health care team. Because nursing informatics professionals often act as a buffer between nurses and system engineers, it is essential that they understand the unique language of both professions.

In addition to gathering information from nurses and engineers, nursing informatics specialists introduce strategies and policies to improve overall patient care, developing ways to improve patient safety, streamline continuity of care, and protect patient confidentiality. Ultimately, the goal of nursing informatics is to make health care operations safer and more efficient.