Global Mission Activities of Village Church

Village Church pic
Village Church

Nursing manager Jeremy Bilbrey serves as a nursing supervisor at United General Hospital Washington. Outside of work, Jeremy Bilbrey is a member of Village Church in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to its Sunday gatherings and other worship services, Village Church strives to improve the world by spreading the gospel. For more than six years, Village Church has focused its global mission efforts on India. Through its Love India project, Village Church raised nearly $200,000 in support of International Justice Mission. Members of the church currently support 475 Dalit children, which the Church hopes to increase to 1,000 within the next few years.

Over the last two years, Village Church has sponsored five short-term mission trips to support schools and prayer networks in India. Three teams toured the schools of the Dalit people there, observing the oppression and poverty of the region and taking note of the impact of church members’ donations on the situation. In the long term, Village Church expects to sponsor missionary teams in France, China, north India, and Madagascar as well.


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