Village Church in British Columbia Offers Two Summer Camp Sessions

Summer Camps pic
Summer Camps

Working in the nursing industry since 2002, Jeremy Bilbrey is a registered nurse and is an epic credential trainer for PeaceHealth located in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. In addition, he works a house supervisor and an ICU/emergency RN for United General Hospital. Jeremy Bilbrey supports the Village Church of Surrey, British Columbia, where he helps to sponsor a child in South India.

Village Church began in 2010 when Pastor Mark Clark gathered a team of 16 individuals to plant a new church in Surrey. The church seeks to transform people into believers and followers of Jesus. Since it began, the church has grown to include multi-site services within the area.

Not only does the Village Church reach members through its Sunday services, but during the summer children have an opportunity to connect through its summer camps. In 2016, the church features two camp sessions for its Worlds Apart camp with the first occurring from July 4th through 8th and the second session taking place from July 11th through 15th. About 750 children play games, listen to music, and experience the love of Jesus. Adults can also take part, and if their children are too young to participate, the camp offers childcare opportunities.


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